Equipping Organizations to Provide True Healing

​Professional Training. Proactive Solutions. Prepared Teams.


Caring organizations like yours often struggle to…

  • Meet the unique needs of clients with complex trauma
  • Create a holistic organizational approach to healing
  • Train all team members to understand the impacts of trauma
  • Equip clients with tools to experience lasting healing
  • Keep your team from experiencing burnout

At the Logos Healing Institute, we believe by partnering with organizations that work with vulnerable populations, we can empower more survivors to find healing. We also know it’s hard to find and retain clinicians who are well-versed in working with the impacts of complex trauma.

That’s why we created Logos Shift. Our complex trauma experts come alongside your organization’s leadership team to create a custom strategy to equip your team with the skills needed to serve your clients well while keeping themselves healthy.

Isn’t it time to experience Shift in your organization?

Complex Trauma Experts

Our clinicians are experienced with and extensively trained in complex trauma. This skill allows us to effectively equip organizations to meet the needs of their most vulnerable clients.

Systems Focused

As licensed social workers, we operate and teach from a systems lens. This approach helps your team to see the parts as well as the whole and how each impact the other in the organization.

Curated Partnerships

We understand that the goals of your organization are unique. Whether you need Logos to step in as your clinical arm, train your team or equip your clinicians, together we’ll create the right partnership.

Is Logos Shift right for you?

If your organization…

  • Serves vulnerable populations
  • Is open to change
  • Desires a healthy culture
  • Wants to grow in the ability to serve survivors

Yes? Then you’re ready for Logos Shift. We’d be honored to help guide you and your organization to provide the most effective level of care for your clients.

The Logos Shift Experience

Set Your Course

Our team meets you with a spirit of openness and collaboration as we begin our partnership. Together we’ll assess where you are starting and where you want to go.

Develop Expertise

With your goals established, we’ll create a custom plan for your team. This will guide our training to ensure your team gains the skills and tools needed to achieve your goals.

Experience More Healing

Now that your organization is equipped right tools, skills and abilities, your team is able to serve your population well and keep themselves free from burnout.

Isn’t it time to Shift your organization toward more healing?


Logos Wilderness Intensives

Did you know Logos started as Logos Wilderness Therapy? 

From idly watching a river run to reaching the top of the highest peaks, the stillness and reward of nature itself is healing. Our experiential trips are focused on trauma processing by utilizing a combination of therapeutic practices and exposure to nature. Wilderness therapy has been proven to help survivors overcome areas where they feel stuck and begin to see real change. On each experience, the wilderness lends itself as a safe house where survivors are guided by mental health professionals to access deeper healing and find freedom.

​Get your clients away from it all to get well.