Guiding You on Your Journey from
​Trauma to Freedom

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You have experienced more than most could bear. You’ve climbed mountains more treacherous than most could summit. And yet, you are still here.

At the Logos Healing Institute we believe you are worth fighting for. And we believe you deserve real, lasting freedom.

Healing is waiting. Begin your journey today.


Countless Survivor Stories Held

Thousands of Hours of Transformative Work

Hundreds of Survivors Walking in Freedom

The Journey to Healing

Share Your Journey

Our experienced professionals understand trauma and are here to listen as we join you on your healing journey. They won’t be surprised by anything you choose to share but they will sit with you, mourn with you and guide you as you unpack your experiences.

Uncover Who You Are

Trauma has a way of hiding our true selves under layers of pain. As you journey to find healing and freedom, our team will remain by your side as you reclaim your identity and open yourself up to a free and authentic life.

Walk in Freedom

After progressing through your journey, freedom will emerge and begin to take root in your life. As you find firm footing you will reimagine your possibilities, restore your story, and reclaim who you are.

The Logos Healing Institute Team has Worked with Survivors of:

  • Human Trafficking
  • Domestic Violence
  • Relationship Issues
  • Repeated Traumatic Events
  • Childhood Abuse & Neglect
  • Attachment Wounds
  • Chronic Trauma

Work with Logos

Individual Therapy

Our experienced team will come alongside you and use tools such as psycho-education, EMDR, art therapy, mindfulness, experiential therapy, and psychodrama to guide you on your journey to freedom.


Group Therapy

We offer a variety of guided groups for those who have experienced trauma. Sometimes being surrounded by others on their healing journey helps individuals move through their own journey more effectively.


Wildnerness Intensive

Get away from it all to get well. Our experiential trips are focused on trauma processing by utilizing a combination of therapeutic practices and exposure to nature.


Why the Logos Journey to Healing?

You are already enough. You don’t have to change who you are or stop doing what you are doing to begin your journey to healing. Our team simply wants to sit with you, hear you and honor your experiences. As we build trust with one another, together we will forge a path to freedom. No two pathways are the same, but our guides will be there every step of the way and know how to keep you safe on the journey.

Every journey starts with just one step, take yours today.