Reimagining the Journey to Restoration

Treating Individuals. Training Professionals. Transforming Organizations.


Those who have experienced complex trauma often…

  • Had ongoing exposure to an unsafe world or home
  • Have a nervous system stuck in overdrive
  • Struggle to manage adversity
  • Battle depression and other mental illnesses
  • Experience crippling feelings of guilt and shame ​

At the Logos Healing Institute, we believe everyone deserves freedom from trauma and shame. Through a proven holistic healing model, we guide people to reimagine their futures, restore their self-worth and reclaim their place in the world. Our approach allows us to guide exponentially more survivors to find lasting healing.

Don’t keep healing waiting. Begin the journey today.


Complex Trauma Experts

Our clinicians are experienced with and extensively trained in complex trauma. This skill allows us to see the individual needs of people and organizations.

Individualized Approach

Each individual and organization is starting in a different place. We curate an experience or program specific to their healing and growth journey.

Relationship Driven

Our first priority is to make everyone feel seen and connected to our professionals. We are committed to being authentic and creating safe spaces as we build trust.

How we work with…


Our goal is to simply meet you where you are today. We’ll look below the headline of any diagnosis and work together to help you find your footing, experience healing and walk in freedom.



Our trainings and internships empower you with evidence-based systems to help clients heal from complex trauma. After working with us, you will gain the expertise needed to skillfully meet survivors where they are and guide them on the path to lasting health.​



We know firsthand how much you care for the vulnerable population you serve. Our curated programs and training ensure your team remains free from burnout and is able to effectively meet the needs of your clients. ​


Why Join the Logos Basecamp Team?

What started as an organization providing healing wilderness experiences for survivors of complex trauma has grown into an organization focused on multiplying healing. We believe finances should never be the reason for an individual not to pursue healing or for an organization to forgo essential training. We also believe interns should receive a living wage as they gain the skills needed to care for others well.

Our Basecamp is full of supporters who share these values and believe our world becomes a better place each time a survivor finds freedom.