Guiding You on the Path to Helping Clients

​Reliable Skills. Relevant Understanding. Resilient Clinicians.

Clinicians like you often want…

  • training that sets you up for success
  • to better understand experiences much different than your own
  • to gain proper skills to manage complex trauma 
  • to learn how to build trust with vulnerable populations
  • to avoid burnout after just a few years of this wor

At the Logos Healing Institute, we believe by training and partnering with individual clinicians who want to work with vulnerable populations, we can empower more clients to find healing. We also know it’s hard to find the right training program to equip you effectively to navigate the impacts of complex trauma.

That’s why we created Logos Catalyst. Whether you join as an intern or attend one of our trainings, our team of experts will equip and train you with the skills, tools and boundaries you’ll need to serve clients well.

Isn’t it time to become a Catalyst for healing?

Complex Trauma Experts

Our clinicians are experienced with and extensively trained in treating complex trauma in multiple modalities. These skills allow us to effectively equip you to meet the needs of your most vulnerable clients.

Sustainable Mindset

More than simply gaining therapeutic skills, our training and internship programs help you find the right approach for yourself, prevent burnout and keep you passionate and able to guide clients to healing.

Team Oriented

We see ourselves as members of the same team who each bring unique experiences and perspectives to our work. During your time with us, we will learn from each other and all become better clinicians.

Is the Logos Catalyst Internship right for you?

  • You are humble
  • You are confident
  • You have room to grow
  • You communicate well
  • You aren’t afraid of ‘different’

If this describes you and you want to learn to work with clients who have been through the unimaginable, apply to join our team or join one of our trainings. Complex trauma work is a tough, rewarding adventure and we’d be honored to help you become a Catalyst.

The Logos Catalyst Journey

Explore the Possibilities

Our team is ready to bring you in with a spirit of openness and learning. Together we can discuss your professional goals and decide if Logos Catalyst is right for you.

Learn, Observe & Practice

Our providers teach you evidence-based and alternative therapies to help clients heal from complex trauma. You will see firsthand how our team works with clients so you can understand the intricacies of the journey.

Become a Catalyst

You will have the skills to guide survivors on their journey of healing. Your training will also keep you and your heart protected so you can confidently lead clients to freedom again and again.

Isn’t it time for you to be a Catalyst for lasting healing?